Ato Kusharundo
UB Ato 1546
Species Dunno
Gender Female
Weapon Various Blades
Occupation Second Princess of the Kusharundo Barbarians
Affiliation Koinzell
Family Kurato


Status Alive
Manga Debut Chapter 2


Before Ato was injected with fairy blood, Ato had blue, short cropped hair due to fact that she wanted to look and be like her brother. She also had dark blue eyes with a pale face. However, once she was infected with fairy blood, rather more like Koinzell, with the same silver-white hair and violet eyes, a slightly lighter shade than his. her ears remained rounded, and her skin remained the same as it had been. however, since his was already that shade it is impossible to tell if her pale skin is now due to her fairy blood or not. . After this transformation, all she wore was a cloak that could barely cover her breasts and incredibly short pants.



First encountered gunning for Köinzell's head to trade for the freedom of her brother, she then (after some revenge seeking) joins forces with him, and has been his student ever since.



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Ato Kusharundo


Fairy Ato

Ato Kusharundo
is one of three princesses of the Kusharundo clan. She admires her older brother Kurato a lot and she even dresses as a boy to fight along side him. Her brother goes missing and Ato goes out in search for him. It turns out he was captured and infused with DNA from different creatures to make him a slave. This is when Ato meets Koinzell. Koinzell kills Kurato to save him also as an act of mercy seeing that Kurato is really suffering. Upon seeing Koinzell had kiled her brother and not being able to accept his death she puts on the "Black Dress of Vengeance" and chased after Koinzell to get revenge. Through travelling and seeing Peepi defending Koinzell she desides against killing him. She then wants to be able to fight along side Koinzell ends up getting hurt pretty badly and despite Koinzell telling her to stay out she comes out again to fight and ends up taking a fatal wound which Koinzell saves her by giving him some of his own fairy blood which also gives Ato powers like Koinzell. After this Koinzell lets Ato travel with him in his quest to kill the rest of the Seven Heroes.