Güsstav (the Fake Lance of Betrayal)
Fake Guustave
Species Human / Mutant
Gender Female
Weapon Wischtech Sorcery

Mutated Muscle Strength

Occupation General of the Black Wing Army
Affiliation The Fake Lances of Betrayal
Status Deceased
Manga Debut Chapter 2

Güsstav (ギュスタフ; Gyusutafu also refered to as Fake Güsstav (偽ギュスタフ; Nise Gyusutafu)) is one of the four (fake) Lances of Betrayal, and one of the leaders of the Black Wing Army which resides in the border frontier of Szaalanden and Wischtech.


A tall and curvy woman sporting red hair and gauntlets, Gusstav lusts over cute and strong boys who she loves to perform chimera experiments on. These experiments have lead her to modify her own body, allowing it to transform into a hulk-like berserker state.


A narcissist who enjoys brainwashing and performing cruel and morbid surgeries on young, beautiful boys. Like the Fake Kfer, Gusstav does not care about her troops and will even kill them if they try to attack a pretty boy that she fancies.


Originally only a minor lord who owned a Fief in the borderlands, Gusstav joined the other (fake) Lances of Betrayal and helped build the Black Wing Army. The leader of these minor lords saw the death and destruction caused by bandits and savages in their lands, and saw how the Count of the Frontier castle had abandoned its people. So, using the name of the four Lances of Betrayal, Gusstav and her associates lead an incursion that was successful until the arrive of Koinzell, "the hero of the frontier".

Gusstav was extremely well known for being ruthless on the battle field, slaughtering all those she considered ugly. Those that were either cute or strong were collected by her. She made these individuals into her sex slaves and eventually, after heavy experimentation and transmutation, her personal guard. One such slave was the prince of the Barbarian tribe, and the elder brother of Ato. When Ato went to confront Gusstav, she met her brother and bowed to Gusstav's wish to assassinate "the hero of the frontier".

After Ato failed in assassinating Koinzell, he took her clothing and stormed Gusstav's castle in the guise of Ato. However, Koinzell was struck down by Gusstav's sorcery and imprisoned.

Koinzell managed to escape when Gusstav attempted to rape Koinzell, which loosened his bonds. He then acquired a sword and sliced open Gusstav's face, causing her to enter her berserker state. Once out in the moonlight, Koinzell was able to summon his Black Swords and killed the enraged Gusstav.


Wischtech Sorcery

Lightning talismans

Mutated Muscular Agmentations

Mutant Gusstav