Species Human / Mutant
Gender Male
Weapon Tentacles
Family None
Status Alive
Manga Debut Chapter 16

A giant man with a menacing look who is actually a kind person. He was a captain in Schtemwölech's White Wing Army whose leader is a young man named Pago who Gerapen calls "brother". A kind yet easily fooled man, he unknowingly helps Pago gather young women refugees who are used in Schtemwölech's experiments under the belief he is helping relocate them to a new village. When he finds undead monsters created by Pago, Gerapen is horrified and at first refuses to believe that Pago is responsible, but when he sees Pago's disturbing acts for himself, Gerapen realizes that Pago had tricked him all along and assists Koinzell to end his "brother's" life. He was thought to have died after Schtemwölech secret lair was destroyed but he reunites with the protagonists at Jullas-Abllas where it is revealed he survived thanks to the parasite from Pago's body. He later becomes one of the main fighters of the group as he uses tentacle arms provided by the parasite, though he sometimes exhibits feminine responses at random times possibly due to how the victims of the parasite were all girls before it latched onto Gerapen.