Species Human
Gender Male
Weapon Sword
Occupation Lord, Seven Heroes, Lord Of Jarbb(former)
Affiliation Himself, Seven Heroes(Former), Empire (Former)
Family Emperor(Father)
Status Alive(Resurrected)

One of the most prominent of the Seven Heroes. Glenn is the son of the Emperor. He was nominated as envoy of the Emperor himself to deal with the increasingly threatening acts of Koinzell .In his first encounter with Koinzell, he publicly spared Koinzell's life, but he was killed outright by Koinzell during their second encounter. After Glenn's death, his father, the Emperor, became so depressed that he no longer took interest in his empire. As a result, Lebelont became the de facto ruler of the Szaalenden. Since this has happened, Glenn has come back, although he is now much younger looking than he was previously, leading some to question whether he is an imposter or not.Of the Seven Deadly Sins, he represents Envy, as it was his envy for Ascheritt that led him to betray the Four.

Personality Edit

In the days of the Fourteen Lances they were good friends, yet Glenn secretly despised and envied Ascheriit greatly due to his superior swordsmanship and his calm behaviour. He recognized the brutality of their treason and did not fear eventual retribution, and he also believed that their punishment was the very fact that they became heroes, being burdened with the welfare of the whole Empire not only as nobles, but as symbols for the people.

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