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A man with great pride and honor. Kfer maintains a calm manner and puts his duty before anything else. He was the heir of the Jebnaress clan, the ruling clan of Jebr. Jebnaress had a history of strong swordsmanship, but Kfer lost the title of "Strongest in the Empire" to Ascheriit (Koinzell). Unlike Glenn, he held no jealousy nor hatred towards Ascheriit and became his friend and requested Ascheriit to train his son to become the strongest swordsman in the next generation. During the war, Glenn attempted to convince Kfer to follow him and the other 6 members of the Holy Lances to give up on their mission because, as an important noble, he has an important lineage to keep. Kfer angrily refuses to betray Ascheriit, Güsstav and Krentel on their mission and cursed Glenn and the others' cowardice. After the betrayal of the 7 heroes, Kfer was killed, and, as Kfer was framed as a traitor, Jebnaress was disgraced, and was overthrown by the other clans of Jebr. Kfer's son, Ikfes, became a slave knight and hated having the blood of his father, whom he thought betrayed the empire.