Kfer (the Fake Lance of Betrayal)
Fake Kfer
Species Human
Gender Male
Weapon Mace and Mount
Occupation General of the Black Wing Army
Affiliation The Fake Lances of Betrayal
Status Deceased
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Kfer is one of the four , and the one of the Generals of the which resides in the border frontier of Szaalanden and Wischtech.


A tall and muscular brute with short brown hair and a full beard.


Kfer is a brute whose only interest is in women, gold, and his mount. He kills everything and anything that displeases him. Kfer also enjoys taunting the weak and showcasing the power he holds over others. Kfer's only concern is for his black stallion, Xylus, which he loves and will protect at any cost. He is even seen killing one of his soldiers who accidentally grazed Xylus with the edge of Kfer's mace.


Recruited by the fake Ascheriit to play the role of Kfer, this individual may have also been a minor lord. However, based on his attitude and actions, it is more reasonable to believe that he was a barbarian or bandit recruited because of his sheer strength.

Kfer's 100-Man-Troop was the first to be attacked by Koinzell. This caused Kfer to kill anyone matching Koinzell's description, leaving a trail of bodies along the road. Kfer eventually located Koinzell, in Ekstems, when his men tracked the movements of a local Magistrate.  Kfer proceeded to burn the town, raping any women he came across. Witnessing the suffered caused to the people that had sheltered him, Koinzell came out to face Kfer, even though he had yet to fully recover his strength from the fight against the 100-Man-Troop.

Fake Kfer Lobotomized

When Koinzell appeared, he beheaded Kfer's mount before quickly disposing of almost all of Kfer's troops with his black sword magic He then turned his attention to Kfer who fell to the black swords of Koinzell. However, being the brute that he is, Kfer remained standing.

Impressed by his strength, Koinzell obliged Kfer in his demand of knowing who Koinzell really was. Upon hearing the truth, Kfer laughed manically at the reality of the situation and begged Koinzell for forgiveness. Koinzell was not merciful and proceeded to eviscerate Kfer.


Kfer has immense strength. He is able to easily wield a gigantic mace that one of his men had trouble carrying with both arms.