Krentel (the Fake Lance of Betrayal)
Fake Krentel
Species Human
Gender Male
Weapon Wischtech Gauntlets
Occupation General of the Black Wing Army
Affiliation The Fake Lances of Betrayal
Status Deceased
Manga Debut Chapter 3

Krentel one of the four (fake) Lances of betrayal, and one of the Generals of the Black Wing Army which resides in the border frontier of Szaalanden and Wischtech.


Krentel is a round, short, bald man often seen wearing a large cloak over his body. He wears over-sized Wischtech gauntlets over both arms and is constantly smiling at his own ingenuity.


Krentel is overconfident and arrogant. He believes highly in his knowledge of magic weapons and believes that he is a great strategist. This is all disproved when he is swiftly defeated by three Knights of the Seven Lances.


Originally only a minor lord who owned a Fief in the borderlands, Fake Krentel was most likely recruited by fake Ascheriit because of his knowledge and skill with Wischtech technology. After the Black Wind Army took control of the Frontier Fortress and attacked Rozen's ship, Koinzell charged in to destroy the fortresses' magic-driven weapons. When the Frontier Count panicked and demanded Krentel and Ascheriit fix the situation, Krentel struck the Frontier Count with his Wischtech gauntlets, turning him into a chimera controlled through magic formation joints. Krentel then greeted Rozen and his knights, along with Koinzell at the fortress' main entrance, where he used Frontier Count Chimera to battle them. The knights told Koinzell that they would take care of this matter, and through a series of well executed attacks, managed to destroy the magic formation joints, freeing the Frontier Count Chimera from Krentel's control. Once free, the Frontier Count Chimera crushed Krentel, killing him. The Frontier Count Chimera then pleaded to his subordinate, Magistrate Riggles, not to make the same mistake that he did (wishing for power over responsibility) before dissolving into ash and bone.




Wischtech Gauntlets

Magic Formation Joints