Ms. Gleaa
Species Human
Gender Female
Weapon Sword
Black Sword Magic
Combat Style Single Sword
Occupation Sword Master, Teacher
Affiliation The Mansion of Swords, Ascheriit (Koinzell), Glenn
Status Alive
Manga Debut Chapter 3 extra

A swordsmanship teacher at "The Mansion of Swords"

Personality Edit

She taught Ascheriit and hates Glenn for killing him, her hatred for Glenn him is so great that even after 20 years it did not dull, it is only surpassed by her love for Ascheriit and loyalty to the empire. She was very close to Ascheriit and often comes across as almost motherly to him. He was her "finest" student and she considered him honest,strong and brave. She deeply hates Glenn for killing him and never believed that Ascheriit would Betray the empire. Despite this she never asked question about what happened. She wished that they could have at least preserved their names as heroes rather than calling them the "Lances of Betrayal".

History Edit

she's spent 20 years rebuilding the reputation of the school after Ascheriit was labeled a traitor. Glenn has told her of his murder of Ascheriit and the other Lances of Betrayal, but he does not reveal the truth of what transpired, claiming he murdered them for the empire. Glenn claims that the Lances of Betrayal attempted to negotiate the Wischtech, which in hindsight should seem an incredibly unlikely tale to Ms. Gleaa since the Wischtech have not proven to be able to talk, and that they were killed because of this.